Anxiety Relief

Dental anxiety or phobia is the most common reason for someone to not get dental treatment and unfortunately its presence in a lot of us is very common. Firstly please don’t feel you are alone or embarrassed about it, as phobias are not something that can be rationalised with but they certainly can be treated.

Here at Dant Y Coed Dental Practice, all of our dentists are extremely experienced in treating patients who are anxious and use procedures like pain free anaesthetic administration and behavioural techniques to help someone attain oral health.

We aim for the treating environment to be as comforting as possible using methods such as:

  • LCD visual display units which are ceiling mounted for patients to watch what ever they wish during treatment
  • Music of the patient’s choice being applied via headphones to drown out any unwanted sounds
  • Acupuncture

Sedation is also available should you feel that you would require this to receive dental treatment. We use an intravenous (IV) sedation technique and should this be of interest, details will be discussed with you at your consultation.