Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest growing most sought after cosmetic treatment today. Our society is forever becoming more and more dentally aware and one of the fundamental aspects of a smile is its colour and brightness.

We use an advanced home tooth whitening system consisting of;

PolaDay – 6% hydrogen peroxide concentration; which can achieve your desired result in as little as 30 minutes per day

PolaNight – 16% carbamide peroxide concentration; which can achieve your desired look whilst you sleep

Both PolaDay and PolaNight contain fluoride which protects against tooth sensitivity.

You are closer to a brighter smile than you think, as this treatment takes just four simple steps;

  1. Consultation with your dentist to see if you qualify for Teeth Whitening.
  2. Impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory. A shade is taken of your natural teeth, using a shade guide or through the form of photographs.
  3. Whitening Trays are fitted, and you are given 6-8 tubes of PolaDay or PolaNight.
  4. Review you in a couple of weeks to monitor your progress.

Although this treatment is not permanent it can last up to 2-3 years. Try to avoid food and drink that will cause staining, such as curry and black coffee for optimal results.